Owner / Founder / CEO

Mackenzie Lewis

The Founder.

As Founder, CEO, and Lead Stylist of Kenzington, Mackenzie utilizes her uniquely curated artistic eye and lifelong career as a Artistic Dance Director and Choreographer to create show-stopping looks that breathe life into her clientele. Mackenzie breathes artistry and drama into her wide range of stylized looks. Sometimes it’s a beanie and combat boots, a rancher with retro platforms, or even a baseball hat and sneakers - regardless, you best bet she will be doing it with a touch of luxury. With a classic and timeless love for all things nostalgic (like an all-black Audrey Hepburn moment) or a look emulating forward-thinking modernized European streetwear edge, she is a true expert at helping you find your unique voice in fashion and curating a versatile, sustainable, and luxurious wardrobe. Her distinct style voice seamlessly translates to the home decor and design realm as well- bringing you an experience throughout every part of your life. She believes all things can be beautiful and done with a statement. Behind every brand Kenzington brings in comes hours of careful research, feedback, and demographic expertise. Kenzington (Mackenzie) is about creating experiences, it’s what we do best- and we do it with a bold, and beautiful statement.